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Among My Souvenirs





Although "Among My Souvenirs" was a number one record for Marty Robbins, he never really liked the song.

Fact is, according to record producer Billy Sherrill, Marty hated the song and the only thing he hated more was the idea of releasing the tune as a single.

Marty had recorded the song for an album cut and certainly did not intend for it to be any more than that. 

He thought the whole idea of releasing the song as a 
single was stupid!

But at the time---it was time for another single release and there was nothing else in the can so it was
"Among My Souvenirs" or no record at all!

The record showed up on the country charts during the 1976 Labor Day weekend and by Halloween, it was country music's number one song.

It was number one for only one week, 
but was on the charts for eleven weeks.




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