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One of Country Music's newest and most played independent country music artist, Buddy Lewis is reviving REAL country music.

Buddy Lewis learned his country music at it's source: the bars, ice houses and honky tonks of Houston, Texas.

Since his debut upon the country music record scene, Buddy has been catching the ears of country music Disc Jockeys and listeners worldwide.

In addition to being a country music artist with traditional sensibilities, Buddy writes country songs that would make even the most traditional country music lovers amongst us proud. Disc Jockeys and fans alike are requesting Buddy Lewis' newest album album "Songs From The Heartland" which includes mostly original songs. If you haven't heard Buddy Lewis country music yet, request his songs from your local DJ.

Now, Buddy has just signed a record distribution deal with CD Baby. Fans who are interested in purchasing a copy of Buddy's new album "Songs From The Heartland" can now buy the album with their credit card by going to http://cdbaby.com/cd/buddylewis or just go to the "album" page on this web site and click on "buy the CD". It's easy!

If you want to hear more of Buddy Lewis, don't fret. He is in the studio now recording his second album.

Yes, Country Music is still alive and well country music fans. Since Nashville's decided to leave traditional country music behind, Buddy has decided to write and record his own songs with that pure country flavor.




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