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According to Eddy Arnold, he recorded his signature song, “Cattle Call” four times.

Eddy commented, “ I used “Cattle Call” for so many years on the radio-that’s why people have heard it so much and why when the name Eddy Arnold is mentioned—that’s the song they think of...and that’s okay.

But I have recorded “Cattle Call” four different times.

Eddy Arnold

I recorded in 1949. I did a movie and I did “Cattle Call” in that movie. And by that time the sound had improved so much I went in and recorded it again. I believe that was in 1949 and it came out in 1950. Then around 1955, I recorded it again with Hugo Winterhalter and his orchestra. Then in 1961 or 62—somewhere along there—I recorded “Cattle Call” again so that it would be available in stereo.”

Eddy’s first recording of “Cattle Call” was the flipside of his 1945 # 5 hit, “Each minute Seems A Million Years.”

His 1955 version of the song went to number one for two weeks in June 1955 and was on the country charts for 26 weeks.



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