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Fool Hearted Memory




According to Alan Mevis, George Strait ’s 1982 number one, “Fool Hearted Memory” was an easy song to write.


Mevis commented, “I had the idea in my mind for some time and when Byron Hill and I were asked to write as song for “The Soldier” movie, we went to work on the idea together.  As  soon as we sat down and started working on it, the song just came....all at once.  It probably took all of twenty minutes for us to write that song.  The whole thing just came together so easy. The song came so easy that I wondered if it was any good. Then the song was in the album for nine months before it was released as a single and by that time, I was sure the song was not a hit.”


The song was used in “The Soldier” movie-which probably didn’t do much to help the record—since not too many people saw the film. George Strait was seen lip synching the song on stage during a barroom brawl.


But “Fool Hearted Memory” made it to number 65 on the country music charts on June 19th, 1982 and ten weeks later, it had slid into the number one slot to become George Strait’s first number one.


The song was written by Byron Hill and Alan R. Mevis.


The MCA single was produced by Blake Mevis and was on the country charts for 18 weeks.




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