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Good News, Bad News




According to Eddie Raven, his 1975 hit song, "Good News Bad News" just sort of fell in his lap.

Eddy commented, "Don Gant was my record producer and also my best friend, and he was the one that brought that song to me.  Snuff Garrett had liked the publishing on the song.  Don played the song for me and I really liked it.  But I didn't think the song was as great as Don Gant thought it was.  But Don had better ears than I had and he was running the record company -- so there you go.  But Don was just floored by the song.  He was really high on it.  Later I found out that he was going through a divorce at the time -- so he was going through the same situation as the song was all about. 

Eddy Raven

But anyway ... that's how I got the song and how I recorded it.  We actually recorded that song at Woodland Studios in Nashville on Valentine's Day.  And before we finished the session, we went over to Crystal Hamburgers across the street and bought fifty Crystal Hamburgers and brought 'em back to the studio.  It's funny what you remember about recording sessions.  The hamburgers had nothing to do with the song or the session, but that just comes to mind.  It was a big record, but was bigger on the West Coast than anywhere else."

"Good News Bad News" entered the country music charts April 19th, 1975 and peaked at #27.  It was Eddy Raven's 3rd charted song and was on the country charts for 11 weeks.




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