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According to Jeanne Pruett, her 1972 hit "Love Me" came about because of Marty Robbins.

Jeanne Pruett

Jeanne commented, "That song came about because Marty Robbins needed another song for an album.  At the time, I was writing for Marty Robbins' publishing company.  And I always thought that the songs I wrote for Marty that he recorded sounded like he wrote them himself.  So I wrote that song for Marty and eventually he did get around to recording it -- even though I recorded it first.  I had the song in an album and on a single before Marty recorded it."

Jeanne's version of "Love Me" entered the country charts March 11th, 1972 and peaked at #34.  It was her second charted song and was on the charts for 12 weeks.  She and Marty recorded a duet version of the song in 1983 which peaked at #58.

Marty's single version of "Love Me" made the charts October 13th, 1973 and peaked at #9.  It was his 65th charted song and was on the charts for 14 weeks.




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