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Many hit song were written from conversations or from listening in on conversations.


According to Eddie Miller, “Release Me” was just such an idea.


Eddie commented, “This happened at a club in San Francisco , California . I was playing there one night and this couple was arguing. I heard the woman say, “Everything would be okay if you’d just release me.  Then we wouldn’t have any more problems.” The idea didn’t hit me then but the next day I started thinking about the two of them arguing and that line came back to me. I had never heard it said just that way.  Divorce has always seemed like a dirty word to me and this seemed to be a softer way of saying the same thing. And that’s where the idea for “Release Me” came from.”


Jimmy Heap and Perk Williams had the first hit on “Release me,” making it to number 5 in 1954. Ray Price scored a # 6 on the song that same year, as did Kitty Wells, who took it to number 8.  The Charley McCoy version went to # 33 in `1973 and Marie Owens had a # 71 hit on the song in `1974.





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