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According to Bob Wills, “San Antonio Rose” was written during a Columbia Records recording session in Dallas, Texas.

 Wills commented, “I wrote a song called “Spanish Two Step,” while I was working as a barber in Roy, New Mexico and I’d play dances every Saturday night. I really wrote that song for all the  Mexican people which were a large part of the population in Roy.”

“The song was one of several I recorded during my first session for Columbia Records in 1935. Later on, in 1938, I was in Dallas, Texas for another recording session and Uncle Art Satherley, who was the A & R man for Columbia Records, asked me if I had any more tunes like ‘Spanish Two Step.’ I told him that I didn’t have any right then, but if he could give me a few minutes I’d try to come up with something. I wrote the tune in just a few minutes and we recorded it. After we finished the recording, Uncle Art asked me what I wanted to call it and I told him that I didn’t know. So he suggested ‘San Antonio Rose.’ So I wrote the song and he named it! The song was an instrumental and became very popular. Later they asked me to record the song again with lyrics.  I worked on the lyrics for that song about two years and finally re-recorded it as ‘The New San Antonio Rose’ in 1940.”

“New San Antonio Rose” entered the country music charts January 1st, 1944 and peaked at # 3.


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