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Don Williams call his 1976 number one ,"Say It Again," another of those "straight down the line Bob McDill songs."


That's Don's way of saying that he didn't have to work on the song for the song to "work for him." 

According to Don,"Sometimes I'd have to change a word or rework a line or rephrase something to make it work out but none of that was necessary on "Say It Again."

All the song was there and it was all where it should be.  I didn't have to change a thing.  I just went in and recorded the song and that was it."

As for the writer, Bob McDill, he doesn't fit the form of your everyday hit songwriter.
Instead of seeking his lines and inspiration from a bottle on a riverboat or from the slopes of Aspen,
his hit songs were written within the four walls of his office on Nashville's Music Row.

McDill has always treated the art of songwriting as
a business, making his way to his office every day,
writing all day, and then going home.....sounds sort like a job, doesn't it?

According to McDill, nothing major comes to mind 
concerning the idea or thoughts behind the writing of 
"Say It Again." It was just another song that came 
to mind and he wrote it.

"Say It Again" made the charts June 12th, 1976.  It worked its way up to number one and was there for one week.

The ABC/Dot single was on the charts for 14 weeks



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