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“Take These Chains From My Heart” was one of the last songs recorded by Hank Williams. The song was written by Fred Rose and Hy Heath. After Hank’s death and the record became a hit, rumor circulated that Hank had showed the song to Fred Rose who rewrote it and took Hank’s name off the song after Hank’s death.  But those who knew Fred Rose argued that Rose was not the kind of person to do that and would never have stolen from Hank Williams or anyone else.


A lot of radio stations played “Take These Chains From My Heart” as a final tribute to Hank Williams.


The MGM single entered the country music charts May 16th, 1953 and made it to number one, where it stayed for four weeks. It was Hank’s 36th charted song and his last number one. It was on the charts for 13 weeks.



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