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The Death Of Hank Williams




According to Jack Cardwell, “Hank Williams did exactly what I had wanted to do. He captured the whole feeling of the Depression and just how lonesome poverty can make a man feel.  He used the same words that I used but he had that ability to use them in a way that anybody anywhere could understand what he was saying,


Hank Williams and I were raised in the same part of the country.  I knew Hank  but not personally.  I had even been on stage with him a few times. I actually idolized him.


But the song that actually inspired “The Death Of Hank Williams” was another song titled “When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye,” that my brother used to sing.”


Jack Cardwell’s King Records single, “The Death of Hank Williams” made the country music charts February 14th, 1953 and peaked at # 3. It was Jack’s first chart record and was on the charts for 9 weeks.




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