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According to Jack Greene, you have to hunt for some songs and then some of them just fall in your lap.

Jack said, "Dallas Frazier sent "There Goes My Everything" to me.  Back in those days, Dallas was working everywhere he could work and doing everything he could do to get his songs out and recorded and he sent me that song.  You know ... Dallas was a very good singer too.  But he decided to concentrate on writing songs and I'm real glad that he did.  He is a great writer and that was a great song.  I'm just glad he decided to send it to me.  We had a lot of fun with that song.  Dallas sent me the tape of that song around 1965 -- somewhere in there.  And I liked the song the first time I played the tape.  And I decided that I wanted to record it right then and there.  And so I did."

"There Goes My Everything" entered the country music charts October 22nd, 1965, made it to number one and stayed in the top position for seven weeks.  It was Jack's second charted song and was on the charts for 23 weeks.

"There Goes My Everything" was also the CMA Single of the Year.

Jack Greene




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