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According to Charlie Louvin, the Louvin Brothers' 1965 hit, "When I Stop Dreaming," was a complete change of course for them.

Charlie commented, "When we first started recording for Capitol Records, we were just recording gospel music and we decided to branch out.  And the Capitol Records A&R man told us that we shouldn't do that, because if we recorded something that the regular country folks didn't buy, that that would turn away the gospel music fans that we already had, plus we would no longer be on Capitol Records.  But he said that if we still wanted to do it, we could do it.  So we went through the songs that we had already written and decided that "When I Stop Dreaming" should not be offensive to anyone.  So that is why we recorded it.  It was just a love song.  The song didn't really say that much.  It's a 'loving, wanting, thinking and crying song'.  And I think that's about as close to life as you can get."

"When I Stop Dreaming" entered the country music charts September 10th, 1955 and peaked at #8.  It was The Louvin Brothers' first charted song and was on the country charts for 13 weeks.

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