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David Frizzell and Shelly West’s 1981 number one, “You’re The Reason God made Oklahoma ,” was written by Larry Collins and Sandy Pinkard. Record producer Snuff Garrett had asked them to write a song for Frizzell and West to record.


Garrett reportedly had a deal made with Casablanca   West but the company was dissolved about the time that David and Shelly finished recording their album. Garrett then shopped the album to every record label he could find but they all turned it down. He happened to have a tape of “You’re The Reason god Made Oklahoma ” with him in his car when Clint Eastwood was along and he played the tape for Clint...which resulted in the song being in the “Every Which Way you Can” movie.


Shelly commented, “David was high on the song the very first time he heard it. He kept telling me that the song was a hit and he finally convinced me that it was a hit. But the whole idea of having  a hit record scared me because I knew that meant we’d be playing to large audiences.


“You The Reason God Made Oklahoma ” entered the country music charts  January 17th, 1981 and was in the nunber one spot the week of April 11th.


It was on the country charts for 17 weeks.




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